Pasadena Bound

The Pan Pacific Film Festival is this week, and it promises to be an exciting event. It opens Thursday evening, October 18 with The Fourth World. Red Carpet is at 5, VIP dinner at 6, Panel Discussion at 7 and screening at 7:30. I have the privilege of taking my lovely daughter, Lauren, with me, as well … Read More ›

Film Festivals and why the DVD is Finally Available!

Film Festivals–when run right–are a blast! You go to another country or state, see the sights, watch a lot of independent films, meet other film makers, and meet non-filmmakers who are passionate about independent film. That might be the best part of the experience. I met an older couple at the Treasure Coast Int’l Film … Read More ›

Neighborhood Watches

Now that we can make the DVD and downloadable video of THE FOURTH WORLD available to the public, we want to make a suggestion about the film. The primary reason for producing THE FOURTH WORLD was to get smart, concerned people talking about this huge issue of systemic, global, horrific poverty. Currently, lots of wonderful groups are … Read More ›

Northwest Iowa Premiere Showing: October 20, 2012

Northwest Iowa has been the home of this project since it started. As a faculty member of Dordt College, I have worked hand-in-hand with the college is a variety of ways on this film. Many of our Digital Media students have been involved in shooting in slums in various parts of the world. Some helped create animations seen … Read More ›

Finally Available to the Public

The Fourth World is now, finally, available to view (outside of film festivals.) As of last night, you can now watch it at Google Play and at YouTube Rentals. Our agent in L.A. has done a great job of getting this up and out. At the same time, our agent in Great Britain has also got the same movie … Read More ›

Marketing The Fourth World

A lot of people have been asking how we’re marketing THE FOURTH WORLD now that it’s done. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to and are doing right now: 1. Europe and Asia–We’re fortunate to be in partnership with Journeyman Pictures out of the UK. Journeyman has a long record of marketing films like … Read More ›