Neighborhood Watch & Discuss

Watch the Film

“The Fourth World” does not have a call to action. There’s no website you are urged to go to. No toll-free number to call. No world leader to write.

The producers of this film deliberately and consciously left that all out. The whole goal behind producing “The Fourth World” was to get smart, concerned people engaged with this topic, talking about it and seeing if someone “out there” can come up with a solution to systemic, global, horrific poverty.

If you watch the film, you’ll notice very clearly that the people caught up in the fourth world are not stupid, lazy or deserving of their plight. They are caught up in a system beyond their control and they need someone to work with them in coming up with solutions.

That’s why we’re encouraging people to have neighborhood watch parties. Get together with a bunch of your friends, watch this film, work through the downloadable PDF and see what you come up with.

This issue is too big for just a few “important” government people to be thinking about. It’s something we must all think about. And act on.

Go ahead and order the video, get together with a bunch of like-minded people, and start talking about this issue.

The Fourth World will be grateful for your participation.

The questions on the downloadable PDF are only to prime the pump. Start with these, but then let your conversation range far and wide. Often the best ideas are direct descendents of the wildest, most outlandish ideas. Let the members of your group go wild with ideas and solutions to this horrific global issue. Maybe, just maybe, the key lies right there…in your group. Without you sponsoring a neighborhood watch and fostering discussion, that idea might never become a reality.

Discuss with your Group

Now that you’ve watched the film, use this PDF questionnaire to prime the discussion.