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Documentary Focuses on 'Fourth World.' What started as an independent film project is now changing lives around the world.

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Documentary Exposure
Dordt-produced video picked up by Discovery Channel

By John Van Dyk

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A recent review by April Kruger of the Sonoma Christian Home Blog.

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After attending school in the mornings, Jovelyn helps her parents and her four brothers dig through garbage in a slum near Manila, the Philippines, searching for recyclable items to sell or barter so the family has food to eat.




A recent interview with filmmaker Mark Volkers by KDCR at Dordt College.

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – There's a little bit of Hollywood in the metro this week.

The Kansas International Film Festival is unveiling 50 movies for Kansas City metro audiences to vote on, as films are shown at the Glenwood Arts Theatre.

When you think of making it big in Hollywood, Overland Park, Kan., may not come to mind. For 50 filmmakers, they're banking on this festival to be their spring board to the big time by having their film distributed around the world.

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"That's enough story right there, but it's just the beginning," said Mark Volkers, digital media professor at Dordt College in Sioux Center. "It's just incredible. I've never heard a story like that."

Selma's story is just one of many Volkers heard while traveling to Guatemala, Kenya, Philippines, India and Senegal throughout the past three years to create his recently completed documentary called "The Fourth World."

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"Now she's not a nameless, faceless beggar; she's Tanya. We know this woman and we know her dad. We've eaten with her in her little shack down in the slum. She's got dreams and hopes and goals just like the rest of us."

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Selma grew up in Guatemala with an alcoholic mother. To get money to support her habit, Selma's mother rented her daughter out to men when she was only 8 years old. At age 9, Selma was sold to a brothel and spent her days in a dark room with chains around her ankles.

As she got older, Selma's story only got worse. Now in her 40s, Selma is fighting cancer.