Film Festivals and why the DVD is Finally Available!

Film Festivals–when run right–are a blast! You go to another country or state, see the sights, watch a lot of independent films, meet other film makers, and meet non-filmmakers who are passionate about independent film. That might be the best part of the experience.

I met an older couple at the Treasure Coast Int’l Film Festival in Port St. Lucie, Florida. After watching THE FOURTH WORLD, we talked awhile in the lobby of the theater. They said they get to as many film festivals as they can, spend the money on tickets and watch film after film. “Why would you do that?” I asked. “You’re not even filmmakers.” They said they get tired of the kind of stuff coming out of Hollywood and are hungry for original content from independent filmmakers. That, and “we want to support independent film.”

What an awesome attitude!

The  other thing about film festivals is that we need them to generate buzz about our independent films, while at the same time, they keep us from selling our films! Getting into a festival is a reward in itself as getting into festivals isn’t all that easy. Just getting in gives you the right to put the laurel wreaths on your material because you are now an “official selection.” That’s great! But lots of festivals–especially the bigger ones–have some pretty strict rules about being the first in the region to show your film, not having your film available for sale anywhere, not being in distribution. So while we need the festivals to get our film out there, the festivals also delay us with going public with our films.

So now you know why THE FOURTH WORLD hasn’t been available for purchase until just recently. We’re winding down the festival circuit (couple big ones to go) so now it’s OK for us to make the DVD and digital downloads available.

We’re excited that the Dordt College bookstore has agreed to handle sales and shipping of the DVDs. If you order from our page, you will be taken to the Dordt College Bookstore site and the transaction will be done there. It’s safe. It’s secure. It’s trustworthy. And it’s ready for you!

I’ll be sad when the final film festival is over. No more panel discussions. No more after-viewing chats in the lobby. No more site-seeing. But the good news is that THE FOURTH WORLD has a lot of exposure and will continue to get exposure in the years to come, thanks to DVD sales and digital downloads. The story of the fourth world is an important one to watch and discuss. Thanks to all of you who supported it at film festivals, and will continue to support it in the days to come.