Neighborhood Watches

Now that we can make the DVD and downloadable video of THE FOURTH WORLD available to the public, we want to make a suggestion about the film.

The primary reason for producing THE FOURTH WORLD was to get smart, concerned people talking about this huge issue of systemic, global, horrific poverty. Currently, lots of wonderful groups are doing lots of wonderful things to address the needs of the fourth world, and that’s why this film deliberately gives no call to action. When you watch THE FOURTH WORLD, you’ll see that it does not end with a “call this number” or “go to this website” or “give money to this organization.” The purpose of this film is not to channel you to any one place, but to get you thinking about the big issues addressed in this film, and get you brainstorming about what can be done.

We are proposing that once you get a copy of THE FOURTH WORLD, you sponsor a neighborhood watch. Rather than watch it alone, get together with a bunch of your friends or relatives or classmates or neighbors, watch the film, then download the free PDF that you’ll find on the website, and start a discussion about what you learned from the film and about what you and your group bring to the table.

This issue of systemic, almost-unfathomable poverty is way too big for one government organization or some NGO’s and Christian organizations. It’s something we all need to deal with and the best way to start is for smart, concerned people—like you—to get together and see what ideas develop. That’s the purpose of this film. That’s the purpose of these neighborhood watches. It’s a sort of crowd sourcing of ideas on how to tackle this problem because it’s not just a problem for the people of the fourth world. It’s a problem we all need to deal with!